Prolight + Sound 2017

PLS 2017 is just a few days behind us now and we would like to extend our sincere thanks for the numerous visits to our stand.
We are delighted that we were able to generate such enthusiasm with the Varyscan P7 and that many new customers came to talk with us. We would like to invite anyone who did not have the opportunity to visit us at the trade fair to visit us directly in Blaustein. A quick call beforehand will suffice!

We would also like to thank Roni Huber for the brilliant show....

A big thank you also to G-COCKTAILS & FLAIR for the excellent service during the trade fair and to MAURER for the smooth setup and dismantling of our stand.

Spektakulär, faszinierend und überwältigend!

"The One" im Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. Eine tolle Referenz für unsere A12 und Sparx 7

THE ONE Grand Show - im Friedrichstadt-Palast (PMA-Magazin)

Meddle – A tribute to Pink Floyd

With its première in the town hall, the successful band Meddle fulfilled a dream. With “A tribute to Pink Floyd”, they brought the music of the superstars to the stage.

Ministry of Light accompanied this stage spectacle with a fascinating light show. We are delighted with the work of the light designer and the entire team.

The spots were perfectly complemented by 16 Varyscan P7 LED CMY Spots, 12 Varyscan P4 and 12 Sparx 7.

Individual LED control available for Sparx 7 and for Sparx 10

The Sparx-series can now be upgraded to individual pixel control by a new software available free of charge from our website.

There is also an updated manual available for download with all the necessary information on how to use the latest software.

The Sparx 7 and Sparx 10 can easily be included in any pixel mapping application. However there are still the well known modes just featuring the DMX-channels like the Sparkle, pattern or segment channel available for those who are working with control desks offering a limited number of DMX-channels.

You are all welcome to send your application videos of Sparx in action!

200 Sparx 7 and Sparx 10 in the rental park of Kaiser Showtechnik

Not 200 in one go. However, the company Kaiser Showtechnik has continuously increased the number of Sparx in its rental park to 200 in order to meet the additional growth in demand.

As a dry hire company, Kaiser has been for years a central contact point offering additionally required JB-Lighting wash-lights. It all started with the JBLED A7, followed by the A12 and finally the Sparx 7 and Sparx 10. Kaiser believes that in addition to a high demand for dry hire products also the suitability for resale and price stability of the products is of great importance. If the rental demand has declined after a few years, it must then be ensured that used products can be sold off to the second-hand market. Past experience has shown that used JB-Lighting products are also highly popular and can be resold after 3, 4 or 5 years at an attractive price. This is due not least to the good quality, reliability and the sustainable product policy. Until then, however, the wash-lights will be used on stages, at exhibition stands and in TV studios at home and abroad and thanks to creative designers they will enrich the respective sets by a great diversity of variants.

HELi Showequipment invests in Varyscan P7

As one of the leading DRY HIRE partners in the show sector, HELI Showequipment GmbH is expanding its range of hire equipment to include a significant number of JB-Lighting Varyscan P7 CMY spots.

In recent times we have tested numerous Moving Heads with LED technology. With the P7, I was immediately impressed by the huge brightness together with the small size and very low weight. Despite the low weight, it is equipped with everything that you need in a good Movinglight: CMY, colour wheel, 2 gobo wheels, prism, iris, very large zoom range, focus, dimmer, frost and even a special aperture for even better logo projection. With this device it is possible to optimally replace all spots with a discharge lamp with up to 800Wî, explains managing director Uwe Heinrich.

The devices are available right now and are the perfect addition to the broad range of hire equipment offered by HELI Showequipment.

satis&fy invests in Sparx series by JB-Lighting

From November 1, the company satis&fy AG will have at its own equipment more than 100 devices of the Sparx 7 and the Sparx 10 series.

For Global Director Lighting & Rigging Services, Martin Heuser, this investigation was long overdue. For years, the company has been using the moving lights of the Sparx 7 and the Sparx 10 series in a wide range of productions. “We did not want to invest in the LED wash-lights previously, since the innovation cycle of these devices was still very short”, Heuser explained. However these products, including the Sparx series, are now well established in the market. Other factors for the purchase of the LED wash-lights by JB-lighting were reliability of the products, design, individual LED control, the unique tilt range and the excellent light yield. In addition, this device type offers new creative tools, which make the application of these products more interesting.
First productions with own Sparx washers will already take place from this November.
The LED moving lights will be on show for example in the set of Xavier Naidoo, David Garrett and Fanta 4.

Look back at Light & Sound in Lucerne

We would like to thank all visitors for the interesting discussions and extensive interest in our products.

Slide-in modules

Maintenance work, cleaning and gobo exchange can be executed at the Varyscan P4 and P7 quickly and easily due to a modular system which can be removed without the need of tools or manual cable disconnection.

A big star at the Expo Antalya 2016

In August, Enrique Iglesias thrilled thousands of fans during his performance at Expo Antalya.

During this concert, 48 Sparx 10s and 48 Sparx 7s were also used.