The stage is ready for new incentives

For us as a manufacturer, this year's Stage Set Scenery was, as in previous years, the ideal meeting point to develop direct contact with lighting designers, lighting operations managers and decision-makers.

We launched a new moving light in the form of our P18 LED spotlight which is perfectly designed for use in theatres. The extremely quiet and compact P18 with a 1000 Watt light source and shutter module sets standards not just in terms of efficiency but also with its CRI value.

A further new product launched at the exhibition by JB Lighting was the Sparx 30. Its equally efficient CRI value and the 1,800 Watt LED output sets the pace for every lighting effect. It effortlessly replaces the 2 kW class theatre spotlights.

pictures are copyright by Stage Set Scenery Berlin

Wilhelm & Willhalm event technology

Neu im Rentalpark von Wilhelm & Willhalm event technology: Varyscan P7 CMY Spot.

Andreas Bock, Abteilungsleiter Licht bei Wilhelm & Willhalm event technology: „Gründe für diese Investition waren unter anderem die Helligkeit, die mit einem 700W Entladungsleuchtmittel vergleichbar ist, sowie die gleichmäßige Ausleuchtung.“
Die Zumietbarkeit der Varyscan P7 CMY Spots steigt kontinuierlich.

Weitere Informationen können gerne über angefragt werden.

PIPA Award 2017

We are particularly proud of PIPA 2017, the Prolight + Sound International Press Award, at which our Varyscan P7 CMY Spot was distinguished as the best light product 2017 at the trade fair.

Since 2014, specialist journalists from around the world have been awarding prizes at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt for the best products in the professional audio and light industry.

Prolight + Sound 2017

PLS 2017 is just a few days behind us now and we would like to extend our sincere thanks for the numerous visits to our stand.
We are delighted that we were able to generate such enthusiasm with the Varyscan P7 and that many new customers came to talk with us. We would like to invite anyone who did not have the opportunity to visit us at the trade fair to visit us directly in Blaustein. A quick call beforehand will suffice!

We would also like to thank Roni Huber for the brilliant show....

A big thank you also to G-COCKTAILS & FLAIR for the excellent service during the trade fair and to MAURER for the smooth setup and dismantling of our stand.

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