Spektakulär, faszinierend und überwältigend!

"The One" im Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. Eine tolle Referenz für unsere A12 und Sparx 7

THE ONE Grand Show - im Friedrichstadt-Palast (PMA-Magazin)

Meddle – A tribute to Pink Floyd

With its première in the town hall, the successful band Meddle fulfilled a dream. With “A tribute to Pink Floyd”, they brought the music of the superstars to the stage.

Ministry of Light accompanied this stage spectacle with a fascinating light show. We are delighted with the work of the light designer and the entire team.

The spots were perfectly complemented by 16 Varyscan P7 LED CMY Spots, 12 Varyscan P4 and 12 Sparx 7.

Individual LED control available for Sparx 7 and for Sparx 10

The Sparx-series can now be upgraded to individual pixel control by a new software available free of charge from our website.

There is also an updated manual available for download with all the necessary information on how to use the latest software.

The Sparx 7 and Sparx 10 can easily be included in any pixel mapping application. However there are still the well known modes just featuring the DMX-channels like the Sparkle, pattern or segment channel available for those who are working with control desks offering a limited number of DMX-channels.

You are all welcome to send your application videos of Sparx in action!

200 Sparx 7 and Sparx 10 in the rental park of Kaiser Showtechnik

Not 200 in one go. However, the company Kaiser Showtechnik has continuously increased the number of Sparx in its rental park to 200 in order to meet the additional growth in demand.

As a dry hire company, Kaiser has been for years a central contact point offering additionally required JB-Lighting wash-lights. It all started with the JBLED A7, followed by the A12 and finally the Sparx 7 and Sparx 10. Kaiser believes that in addition to a high demand for dry hire products also the suitability for resale and price stability of the products is of great importance. If the rental demand has declined after a few years, it must then be ensured that used products can be sold off to the second-hand market. Past experience has shown that used JB-Lighting products are also highly popular and can be resold after 3, 4 or 5 years at an attractive price. This is due not least to the good quality, reliability and the sustainable product policy. Until then, however, the wash-lights will be used on stages, at exhibition stands and in TV studios at home and abroad and thanks to creative designers they will enrich the respective sets by a great diversity of variants.

HELi Showequipment invests in Varyscan P7

As one of the leading DRY HIRE partners in the show sector, HELI Showequipment GmbH is expanding its range of hire equipment to include a significant number of JB-Lighting Varyscan P7 CMY spots.

In recent times we have tested numerous Moving Heads with LED technology. With the P7, I was immediately impressed by the huge brightness together with the small size and very low weight. Despite the low weight, it is equipped with everything that you need in a good Movinglight: CMY, colour wheel, 2 gobo wheels, prism, iris, very large zoom range, focus, dimmer, frost and even a special aperture for even better logo projection. With this device it is possible to optimally replace all spots with a discharge lamp with up to 800Wî, explains managing director Uwe Heinrich.

The devices are available right now and are the perfect addition to the broad range of hire equipment offered by HELI Showequipment.

satis&fy invests in Sparx series by JB-Lighting

From November 1, the company satis&fy AG will have at its own equipment more than 100 devices of the Sparx 7 and the Sparx 10 series.

For Global Director Lighting & Rigging Services, Martin Heuser, this investigation was long overdue. For years, the company has been using the moving lights of the Sparx 7 and the Sparx 10 series in a wide range of productions. “We did not want to invest in the LED wash-lights previously, since the innovation cycle of these devices was still very short”, Heuser explained. However these products, including the Sparx series, are now well established in the market. Other factors for the purchase of the LED wash-lights by JB-lighting were reliability of the products, design, individual LED control, the unique tilt range and the excellent light yield. In addition, this device type offers new creative tools, which make the application of these products more interesting.
First productions with own Sparx washers will already take place from this November.
The LED moving lights will be on show for example in the set of Xavier Naidoo, David Garrett and Fanta 4.

Look back at Light & Sound in Lucerne

We would like to thank all visitors for the interesting discussions and extensive interest in our products.

Slide-in modules

Maintenance work, cleaning and gobo exchange can be executed at the Varyscan P4 and P7 quickly and easily due to a modular system which can be removed without the need of tools or manual cable disconnection.

A big star at the Expo Antalya 2016

In August, Enrique Iglesias thrilled thousands of fans during his performance at Expo Antalya.

During this concert, 48 Sparx 10s and 48 Sparx 7s were also used.

"Greek Passion" Production - Aalto Theater in Essen, Germany

Wonderful pictures of the Greek Passion production in the Alto Theater in Essen.

A total of 8 pcs. A12 were used(4 pcs. on each side).
4 pcs. on tripods and 4 pcs. used as backlit.
The movingheads on the tripods had a distance to the stage of over 20 meters.

Black Sea Jazz Festivals 2016

We got spectacular photos from our distributor M.S. Lights Ltd. from Georgia.

During the Batumi Black Sea Jazz Festival 2016 they used 60 pcs. A12, 32 pcs. Varyscan P4 and 12 pcs. VaryLED 3*84.

Jazz celebreties like Quincy Jones, Miles Electric Band and Chris Brown were on the program.

More photos on Facebook

Rock the Ring 2016

66 Sparx 10s were used impressively by lighting designer Roni Huber at this year's rock music festival in Switzerland.

Rock greats like the Scorpions, Europe, Uriah Heep, and many more were featured on the program.

Our special thanks go to Winkler Multi Media Events AG for technical realisation of this festival and the great photos.


An extensive series of events is planned for the World Expo in Antalya and a whole host of high-calibre artists have been announced. The entire planning of the event area, as well as the technical organisation, including catering, is the responsibility of our Turkish distributor, Istanbul-based Benart, who also planned and organised the opening ceremony.

We are thrilled that top global acts, such as Maroon 5 among others, will be presented in the right light by 48 Spanx 10 and 48 Spanx 7ins.

24 Sparx 10 in use at the 2016 SILBERMOND Tour “Leichtes Gepäck” (“light luggage”)

The heavy guns are being rolled out, so that not everything on the current tour looks like light luggage. The lighting crew working around Stephan Aue and Daniel Lwowski let us in on their secrets...

Click here to access the report from EventElevator.


On 1 June, the official opening ceremony took place.
Winkler Multi Media Events AG was responsible for technical realisation of the artistic staging. This included the installation of 102 Sparx 10 from the light designer Rolf Derrer.

P7 in white

The Varyscan P7 also makes a good impression in the special colour white

Prolight & Sound 2016

The PLS 2016 is just a few days behind us now, and we would like to extend our sincere thanks for the numerous visits to our stand.

We are delighted that we were able to generate such enthusiasm with the Varyscan P7, and that many new customers came to talk with us.

We would like to invite anyone who did not have the opportunity to visit us at the trade fair to visit us directly in Blaustein. A quick call beforehand will suffice!



The new entrance area at JB-Lighting is ready!

A new conference room and a cosy cafe bar were part of the latest restructuring and renovation process.

We would like to invite you to get a picture for yourself and enjoy a cup of coffee with us.
Just give us a quick call beforehand so that we can make time for you.

SPARX 10 in miniature

The model of the Berlin Olympic Stadium can be found in the "Miniatur Wunderland" in Hamburg and shows the Helene Fischer concert at a scale of 1:87. True to the original, the Sparx10 was also reconstructed as it once was on that "colourful" tour.

The mini stadium was on display at the 'Ein Herz für Kinder' (A Heart for Children) charity gala on ZDF on 5/12/15:
Youtube Video

Here's a little insight into the Mini Stadium:
Youtube Video

This is how a spotlight is made

This is how a spotlight is made: Design of a Varyscan P4 at JB-Lighting

Audio visual from 17.11 - 20.11.2015 in Helsinki

Together with Audico Tähtiosasto, we have exhibited at Finland’s largest trade show for event technology.

Many thanks for the numerous professional visitors and the great teamwork with Audico.

JTSE Paris

Despite stringent safety precautions, we can register a very successful exhibition with our dealer, Varyance.
The P4 also went down very well with our French distributors.

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JB-Lighting 25 anniversary

We have celebrated our 25th anniversary with various events throughout the year and we want to thank our distributors for their loyalty and efforts to strengthens the brand JB-Lighting.

During Prolight & Sound and PLASA we presented a small sculpture with engraving hoping that this will remind them of our appreciation of their work.

Beatrice Egli with brilliant show under moving lights by JB-Lighting

On the occasion of the “Bernisch Kantonales Schwingfest” in Seedorf, a traditional Swiss wrestling tournament, Beatrice Egli celebrated a brilliant show in front of an enthusiastic audience. The company Light Design was responsible for the technical equipment and focused on Sparx 10 and P 6 by JB-Lighting in the light set as well as on conventional white-light sources and blinders.
Additional figures relating to the event:

12km power cord
8,5km signal cable (DMX, XLR, SDI, Cat 6, optical fiber)
131.320 W audio
98.400 W light
350m trussing system
510sqm fabric
180m cable bridge
1.750m tape
500 pcs cable ties
74 power distributors

What a party!

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Sunrise Avenue on the road with Sparx 7

Sunrise Avenue on the road with Sparx 7

Another top international act is on tour with lights from JP-Lighting. The Finnish band is currently on the road with the show “Fairytales – Best of Tour 2015” and are rocking Germany, where they are extremely popular. The lighting and stage design were created by Stephan Aue, who made square elements placed on their corners the heart of the set. As light sources, Aue uses a wide range of spotlights and LED walls with various resolutions and which can be placed together in the scene. Occupying the prime location in the stage design are Sparx 7 lights set at the audience’s eye level and very close to the performers.

Rico Münzer handles the programming, and for many songs he uses the creative possibilities the lights offer.

Tiflis is rocking!

The open air season is in full swing and we are very happy about the positive feedback of our customers. Here are some photos of the International Rock Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Among other things, the following JB-Lighting moving lights were used:
28 x A12,
22 x VS 7,
14 x VS P6,
14 x VC P6
32 x VaryLED 3*84.

This is a remarkable list which reveals that our pool of moving lights has been continually established and extended over the years.About thirty national and international bands were playing such as Zemfira, Tiger Lillies, Soap & Skin, The Bambir, Kill it Kid, Placebo, Mellow, The Black Marrows, Contact and so forth.Photos and information were supplied to us by Sandro Bitadze of MS-Light, who was responsible for technical operation and equipment.

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Helene Fischer – “Colourful” with Sparx 10

Those people who know Helene Fischer know her for being someone very special. She is not only an amazing singer and charming entertainer, but she is also one of the artists who celebrate their show as a real event. Her latest Open Air Tour “Farbenfroh” (Colourful) is another striking example of how Helene Fischer impresses her audience in her perfect and meticulous way.

Unlike many other artists, she takes direct influence on the visual design of the stage. Decoration, content and colouring are designed to fit in with the topic “Farbenfroh” and at the same time reflect her personality. Patrick Woodroofe and Andreas Kisters are responsible for the lighting design, whereby the latter accompanies the Tour as operator and is also responsible for the implementation of the Sparx 10.

During this tour, the Sparx 10 is used as a pure washlight. On the one hand, it illuminates the complete forestage area and ensures that the musicians, dancers and the artist appear in a very favorable light. On the other hand, the Sparx 10 is the sole light source on the C-stage. The C-stage is set up above the FOH and is approached by Helene Fischer with the help of a Spider flight system.
The Sparx 10 are brought into position with the help of gas-pressure towers and illuminate the atmospheric ballads.

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klangfest@125 - Open-air festival on the occasion of the jubilee of the Ulm Minster steeple

The Ulm citizen’s project of the year 2015:

More than 400 musicians of the minster town Ulm celebrated on three multiple stages a festival of imaging, lighting and sound, which reflected the last 125 years since completion of the minster steeple. The music covered a wide spectrum from Mendelssohn’s ELIAS and international classics to musical rarities of the 20th century.

The company Maurer Veranstaltungstechnik was responsible for the technical management of this event and made available lighting, sound and rigging. Among other things, a total of 48 A12 were used both on stage and for object illumination. It was especially fascinating that the A12 could be used to illuminate the Minster steeple through the transparent roof of the stage. A challenging task since the steeple of the Ulm Minster is the tallest one in the world with a height of 161m!

Thank you very much

… for visiting our stand at the Stage|Set|Scenery in Berlin.
The three days at the trade fair can be regarded a great success and we still see a lot of potential for our products in the theatre market. As expected, we were pleased to welcome many existing and new customers and registered a constant interest in our products. In particular, the A series was yet again in the focus of interest, because the quality of the A8 and the A12 is still convincing in theatre applications with regard to color mixing, dimming and low noise. During the summer break, the equipment of many opera houses will be optimised with these moving lights and new projects with them are already underway for the year ahead.
Great interest also aroused the Sparx, P and Licon series on the part of both the national and the numerous Scandinavian visitors who traditionally highly value Berlin as an exhibition location.

Light Event invested in Sparx 7 und Sparx10

The company Light Event from Cologne has invested in large quantities of Sparx 7 and Sparx 10. As usual, the moving lights will be used not only at home in Cologne and the Cologne area, but starting from Cologne at events all over Central Europe.

Company owner Klaus Schmitt has wondered for a long time which wash-light would ultimately be the right one for his company, since the JBLED A7 are ageing. Finally he decided in favor of the Sparx 7 and the Sparx 10.

He commented his decision as follows: “The Sparx 10 is already the third generation of LED wash-lights by JB-Lighting I choose. With the VaryLED 3*84, I was one of the first of all who focused on LED wash-lights. Then there came the JBLED A7 and finally the Sparx-Series. I always invested at the beginning of the product’s life cycle and was rewarded with good amortization rates and a stable resale value. Since the Sparx 10 is very well received by German lighting designers and was already on tour with Fanta 4 and Grönemeyer, the decision for this product was easily made. All the more, considering that my Sparx 10 will go on tour from now on with Helene Fischer”.

I also added the Sparx 7 to my rental inventory because I have many clients that want to use the latest products in existing designs. The Sparx 7 is as compact as the JBLED A7 so we can simply Exchange the products without any problems.

Herbert Grönemeyer on tour with Sparx 10

Nearly all venues sold out long before the concerts, a super devoted audience knowing their lyrics by heart even with new songs and an impressive stage. These are the relevant criteria of the “Dauernd Jetzt Tour” by Herbert Grönemeyer. Stage and lighting design are the work of Gunther Hecker who uses among other things 68 Sparx 10 moving lights. The stage lives by movable LED elements that keep creating completely new looks - from Rock’n Roll to Studio, from minimalist to opulent and from gaudy to discreet. The Sparx 10 and an equal number of 1,200W spots as well as beam moving lights assume a supporting role. Hecker remains true to his principles and avoids the use of gobos and effects. The only decisive functions that count for Hecker are the quality of the light beam, colour mixture and, in case of the Sparx 10, the exorbitant tilt angle. We were there and were absolutely delighted with the show.

We would like to thank all visitors for making the Prolight + Sound such a huge success.

As an established German manufacturer we have the great advantage that the industry’s leading trade fair is taking place in Germany. This year, with the Varyscan P4 and the Sparx 10 we were able to introduce two new products which were extraordinarily well received. Another highlight was the Licon 2X that attracted many visitors to participate in expert discussions and live demos.

A very personal highlight was the 25th anniversary of our company which we could celebrate at the Prolight + Sound together with our customers, business partners and friends.

JB-Lighting launches Varyscan P4 at Prolight + Sound

P4 is the abbreviation for the new spot by JB-Lighting and stands for quadruple perfection since it features a perfect beam, a perfect spot, perfect serviceability and a perfect size. Due to its comprehensive effect unit, compact housing and low weight as well as an extraordinarily high light output the P4 is suited for all stage sizes.

More information

Die Fantastischen 4 on tour with Sparx 7 and Sparx 10

Fanta 4 celebrating their 25th anniversary with the Rekord-Tour. They were among the first who created German rap songs and made German hiphop music. The lighting set features Sparx 7 and Sparx 10 at a very prominent position on stage.

–> well worth seeing!

more photos on Facebook

First application of the new LED spots P8

In November 2014, the company MK Veranstaltungstechnik in cooperation with Weismann & Mey staged the dancing championship for dance formations of the Standard and Latin dances. It was the first time that the new LED spots “Varyscan P8” were used. The moving lights convinced especially by their brightness with coloured light. Apposite to the extravagant and colourful costumes of the dance formations, the P8 immersed the MHP arena in Ludwigsburg in a game of really diverse lighting moods.

Text and photos: MK Veranstaltungstechnik

Impressions of the PLASA 2014

At the beginning of October, the PLASA 2014 was held at the new trade fair site ExCel in London. There we presented our current LED products, first of all the new Sparx 10, which will be available from now November, and the Varyscan P8, which is now shipping.

The Sparx 10 is equipped with 37 RGBW multichip LEDs and uniquely designed lenses that create stunning effects.

It exhibits a round light aperture, minimal struts between the lenses and a fully illuminated lighting field. Due to the size, the light-emitting surface is extremely impressive and ideal for the display of the countless patterns. The light beam is naturally clearly defined - perfect for effect and illumination applications. Beside 37 RGBW multichip LEDs the Sparx 10 feature the special LED cooling system. Thus it is possible to optimally benefit from the LED technology with low weight and low noise levels at maximum brightness.

Thanks to all visitors who made this PLASA a successful trade show for JB-Lighting

Sparx 7 beim „Concordia Ball 2014“ im Wiener Rathaus

Der Presseclub Concordia – die Vereinigung der Österreichischen Journalisten und Schriftsteller – lädt einmal im Jahr zum traditionellen Sommerball in das Wiener Rathaus. Jedes Jahr folgen mehr als 2.500 Gäste, unter ihnen prominente Repräsentanten aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Kunst & Kultur sowie der Medien, der Einladung zum Branchenball.
Ing. Simon Skerlan, Geschäftsführer der SV-wtu Veranstaltungstechnik, hat hierfür die neuen LED-Washlights „Sparx7“ von JB-Lighting angeschafft um den hohen Ansprüchen seiner Kunden gerecht zu werden.
Er begründet seine Entscheidung wie folgt:
„Die Sparx7 stellen einen weiteren Schritt zur Absicherung unserer Marktposition als Premiumanbieter für Veranstaltungstechnik dar. Einfache Handhabung, geringes Gewicht und mehrere DMX Schnittstellen – auch über Wireless DMX – sowie kräftige Farben und durchdachte Effekte garantieren, dass uns die Sparx7 über Jahre begleiten werden.“

Wir bedanken uns für Text und Photos bei LDDE Vertriebs GmbH und Flagship-Media EU

JB-Lighting Firmenpräsentation 2014

JB-Lighting entwickelt, konstruiert und produziert seit 1990 intelligentes Licht und Lichtmischpulte am Standort Blaustein im Süden Deutschlands. Unsere Produkte sind in Theatern, TV-Shows, auf Live-Touren und Messen im In- und Ausland im Einsatz.

Zum Blick hinter die Kulissen geht’s hier!

A12 new in Iceland

„In 2009 Reykjavik City Theatre drew up plans to renew the technical equipment of the theatre in regards to sound, lighting and stage machinery. Lighting equipment on the main stage was mostly par cans for back lighting and profile spots for front lighting. Since then moving head tungsten spots, LED par cans and front and back projectors have been installed along with 24no A12 LED wash lights for back lighting, split over 4no lighting bars.

What drew the attention of the Orri Petursson, Head of Lighting and Björn Bergstein City theatre’s lighting designer to the A12 wash light was oddly enough JB Lighting competitors during last year’s Show Tech in Berlin. When walking around the stalls looking at various options of back lighting, they noted that when talking about their products, many of the sales persons mentioned the A12 as the benchmark for LED wash lights. Curiously Orri and Björn ventured over to the JB Lighting stand and liked what they saw.

As it is near impossible make a good judgment call on a fitting during a trade show they borrowed one A12 fixture to try out on their main stage at Reykjavik City Theatre but typical height of the lighting bars is around 9 metres. They liked what they saw but in their opinion the A12 also won hands down during „shoot out“ with other LED wash fixtures, being judged on brightness, dimming, and evenness of field, as well as its tightness of the beam angle.

Since installed the fixtures have been used during various productions and events lastly during concert of Skálmöld, Iceland´s foremost heavy metal band.“

Images attached are from Skálmöld´s concert, courtesy of Lárus Sigurðsson, photographer.

Prolight + Sound 2014

We want to thank all the visitors who have contributed to the great success of this year’s Prolight + Sound.

The response to our two highlights Sparx 7 and Varyscan P8 was really great among distributors and project planners. In addition, we have observed that many visitors from the theatre industry came to see us at our stand and we are very gratified that the A-series including the A8 and A12 has meanwhile become a solid parameter in theatres and opera houses throughout Europe.

White is a trump card!

For the first time in history of the most important motor shows (A-fairs), an exhibition stand will be illuminated completely by LED spotlights. So far, basic lighting was created with conventional lighting and only effect and accent lighting by LED spotlights. LED spotlights with white LEDs were considered to be not bright enough, especially in Geneva, where the exhibition halls are up to 18m high.
The project in question is the Infinity Stand at the Autosalon in Geneva, which is equipped by the company Winkler Multi Media Events AG from Switzerland. Already last year, Winkler could impress the lighting designers of Infinty with the use of A12 RGBW and A12 Tunable White, so that they agreed to the promising lighting concept for the Geneva 2014 exhibition. Winkler has expanded its rental pool by a significant number of A12 Tunable White, which will be delivered on time for setup at the beginning of February. Though, the company Winkler Multi-Media AG has the world’s largest stock of A12TW. This was a step Winkler opted for, since the demand for the A12TW has increased sharply over the last year.

JBLED A4 and A7 – a success story comes to an end

As the world’s first wash-light with zoom optics, the JBLED A7 has made history and was sold a thousand times under the brand names JB-Lighting and Martin MAC 301.
Now an era draws to an end. We will discontinue the production of the JBLED A4 and the JBLED A7. Remaining stocks are likely to be available for a period of a few months. If investments are considered we would ask you to make a quick purchase decision. The wash-lights are only available from stock as long as supply lasts.

Of course we have sufficient components in stock in order to be able to guarantee a reliable service for years to come after discontinuation of production.

It is show time: Codex Events Luxembourg is using 60 Sparx 7!

After our demonstration of the Sparx 7, Codex in Luxembourg has decided at short notice to invest in 60 exemplars of this new LED washer.
One of the first events equipped with the Sparx 7 was the gala dinner of the 38th Annual Conference of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) which was held under the motto “Celebrating Magic Moments”. The event took place at the Rockhal in Esch/Alzette in Luxembourg and about 800 guests were invited.
The show programme comprised appearances such as Hot Sax, the illusionist David Goldrake and the local singer Thorunn and band.

Patrick Risch from Codex about the Sparx 7:
The Sparx 7 washers provided the desired result and fascinated by their powerful 15W LEDs. We are very pleased with our choice.
Codex was responsible for all the technical implementation with regard to rigging, lighting, sound, video and stage.

PLASA 2013

At the beginning of October, the PLASA 2013 was held at the new trade fair site ExCel in London. There we presented our current LED products, first of all the new Sparx 7, which is available from now on, and the Varyscan P8, which will not be available until the end of this year.
The new Sparx 7 convinced in terms of concept, functionality and design. It offers almost unlimited combinations of patterns and colours and the user nevertheless requires only 6 DMX channels in order to control all LED effects. Therefore, the Sparx 7 is also a perfect choice for hire companies, which have at their disposal only a limited number of DMX channels and nonetheless do not want to do without impressing and varying lighting effects. In addition, the Sparx 7 is equipped with 19 RGBW LEDs, a well-designed and compact housing and a zoom range of 4°-40°. This allows the Sparx 7 to be used in all imaginable setups, from simple hotel lounges to matrix applications on large stages. A special feature of the Sparx 7 is its round-shaped light aperture with only small bars between the lenses, which gives the moving light an extraordinarily attractive design.

More and more A8 and A12 on theatre stages

The list of theatres which are now using the A8 and A12 wash-lights by JB-Lighting is long and is constantly growing. They include such renowned stages as Berlin opera house and the opera house in Munich, German Oper Berlin, Showpalace Berlin, state theater in Karlsruhe and Braunschweig, Akzenttheater and Koproduktionshaus Vienna. In addition, there are many smaller and larger theatres which became convinced of the new wash-lights made by JB-Lighting. Not only the A8 and A12 equipped with RGBW, but more and more also the Tuneable White versions equipped with warm-white and cold-white LEDs encounter positive feedback.
The unique feature of the A8 and A12, which is most important for theatres, is the defined optics. Since the wash-light produces comparatively little scattered light and comes up with a defined beam of light, it is suitable for theatre applications although the option of barn doors is not available. Highly uniform dimming, low-noise operation and an extremely high light yield constitute further advantages of the LED wash-light series by JB-Lighting.

The photo is from the Showpalace in Berlin where the A12 RGBW have been added to the existing lighting Setup.