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Varyscan P18 at CGS Licht- und Tontechnik

Wilhelm & Willhalm invests in the P18 from JB Lighting

From the beginning of June, 24 x Varyscan P18s are available for dry hire from the Wilhelm & Willhalm event technology group.

The P18 has a 1,000 W white light LED engine with CMY colour mixing unit, colour wheel and a framing module with 4 blades. With these features the LED spotlight is performing in the class of conventional 1,500 to 1,700 W moving lights, although with a considerably lower power consumption of around 1,200 VA.
The P18 has already succeeded in its first deployment at the DFB cup final in Berlin, where it illuminated the bell tower.

prolight + sound 2018

The #pls2018 is just a few days behind us now and we would like to extend our sincere thanks for the numerous visits to our stand. We are delighted that we were able to generate such enthusiasm with the P18, the Sparx 30 and the Sparx 18.
#jblighting #p18 #sparx30 #sparx18

Werning in-house trade fair

We received positive feedback on the Werning in-house trade fair from CEO Alexandra Werning: "The in-house trade far was a complete success, particularly the shootout… You could hear a murmur when the P18 was fully revealed.“

LightDays bei Koch Lichteffekte

Impressionen der LightDays bei Koch Lichteffekte

Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté celebrates its 20th anniversary this year

Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté in Düsseldorf celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The lighting design on the stage is also being given a new touch for this celebration.
Head of lighting at Apollo Tino Schätzler was in search of a special spotlight for this, which is convincing in terms of light output and choice of colours.
His circus colleague Christopher Spindler has had 16 Varyscan P7 installed in the tent in the last year for the circus tour and its 40th anniversary). Roncalli and Apollo director Bernhard Paul also wanted this as an enhancement in the Apollo-Varieté.

The Varyscan P7 hangs and stands in Apollo 8, following its installation in summer 2017, and there will be more of them in the next few years.

Bang Your Head 2017

The finest light design and top-class bands at Bang Your Head 2017 in Balingen.
Technical provider: Prolite Event GmbH
Lightoperator: Mauris Apolloni

Theatertage Ulm

During the 23rd Baden-Wuerttemberg Theatre Days, which are hosted every other year by a different city, about 30 theatrical productions from Baden-Wuerttemberg will visit Ulm over a period of 10 days.

But there will be not just stage performances - a framework programme will invite you to other theatre-related items. All of this relates to the slogan - NOW.

We have an infostand in the foyer and look forward to a large number of visitors.

Visit of the Friedrich Ebert School

The annual visit of the Friedrich Ebert School with Ansgar Biedermann is a tradition which goes back many years and all the JB-Lighting team is looking forward to it.

The lecture this year by Osram on LED technology was something new.

We look forward to 2018 when the cry will again be, "Ansgar's coming!"

Nuovo ufficio vendite per il paesi del Benelux

Siamo lieti di avere di nuovo nel team da subito un partner di vendita e assistenza per i paesi del Benelux, l'azienda TechForce SA. Vivian Tramasure – Amministratore – sulla collaborazione:

NOTA: —>SI PREGA di tradurre anche questa parte:

Dal primo contatto, siamo rimasti incantati dalla qualità e dalle prestazioni dei prodotti della JB-Lighting. Poi abbiamo incontrato le persone che stanno dietro al marchio. Dire che anche le persone qui hanno un grande valore è riduttivo e in questo momento siamo orgogliosi di essere i loro rappresentanti per il BENELUX. Chiedi una demo, ti piacerà. Vivian Tramasure, fondatore e direttore generale, e Claude Cocriamont, il nostro supervisore in ambito tecnico e logistico dall'enorme esperienza sul campo, sono a vostra disposizione per contribuire a sviluppare nuovi progetti. Antoon Raes, precedentemente alla Velleman ci aiuterà nel settore dell'assistenza per riparazioni e manutenzione.

TechForce SA
+32(0)475 28 00 22 -
Boulevard de l'Europe 117, 1301 Wavre

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