The quick-change artist

with the full range of effects and innovative modular technology.
To the P12 Spot

The entertainer

among the moving lights with CMY colour mixing unit, full effects equipment and
a zoom range of 8–48°.
To the Varyscan P7

The stage professional

with its 1,100W LED module, zoom from 6.5 – 54°, and a 130° rotatable framing module.
To the P18 Profile

The all-rounder

with a 640 W LED module, is the ultimate theatre profile with cover module and a zoom range of 5,7 – 60°.
To the P12 Profile

The showmaster

with a 1,100W LED module, zoom from 13 – 65°, Fresnel lens, a color wheel with 6 gobos and framing module.
To the P18 Wash

The powerhouse

with 640W LED power, full effect equipment including gobos, aperture slider module and a zoom from 11° - 66°.
To the P12 Wash

The superstar

with 61x 40W LED-Power, 3°-70° TwinZoom with segmental control and "Super silent" technology.
to the Sparx 30

The all-round talent

with 37x 40W LED-Power and innovative optical system (CRI >80) as well as a new TwinZoom of 3°-70°.
To the Sparx 18

The dramatic

with a round light aperture and countless pattern effects, it’s the perfect washlight for effect lighting and illumination.
To the Sparx 10

The colourful one

thanks to its light, compact shape and round light aperture, it is best suited for mobile show stages.
To the Sparx 7

The versatile one

is a fascinating washlight with extremely high light output, clearly defined beam and a zoom of 4–48°.
To the A12

The atmospheric one

with highly efficient optics for rich and pastel colours, plus white light with a striking intensity.
To the A8

Quality products “Made in Germany”


From development to series production

Unlike many other companies, we have gone the furthest in incorporating the individual production steps in our production process. JB-Lighting is the only manufacturer in Germany that independently develops intelligent moving lights with LED technology for professional use – on approx. 2,500 m2 of production space – and manufacturers everything in-house except for a few components. We don’t just do the final assembly on site, but all the related steps in manufacturing – from development and design, to prototyping, mechanical series production, and further processing of electronic parts.
How to make a Movinghead! — start the movie!

No compromises in quality, performance or efficiency

All steps in work and production are always completed with a quality and function check of the manufactured parts, so that any potential defects are virtually excluded in the preliminary stages.
Due to the continuous upgrading and flexible construction of our entire production facility, we are not only able to manufacture in a very demand-oriented way, but also react to trends in the lighting industry with flexibility at any time, act independently of suppliers to the greatest extent possible and promote our developments.

With JB-Lighting, “Made in Germany” is guaranteed

Because we best meet our quality standards with our own well-trained staff, we decided to carry out as many production steps in-house as possible. While the final assembly and a limited manufacturing facility had already been incorporated at JB-Lighting from the beginning, other departments were established and expanded over the course of the last 20 years.
This means we’re in a position to effectively meet our standards and your requirements regarding design, excellent technology, functionality, processing, performance and service life.

Short paths and decision-making processes throughout the entire production operation

We are therefore able to determine the most effective paths to production for a spotlight in advance. For this reason, we can offer our products in a price segment that is not a matter of course for German brand-name products.
This has allowed us to develop a solid and satisfied customer base whose feedback is vital for further developing our products.
In the following, there is an overview of our departments and the respective production steps. Comprehensive quality and function tests are carried out at the end of each manufacturing process.


Work steps from the initial ideas to the prototype
  • Project studies, market and requirements analysis by our development team
  • Development and design of mechanics, electronics and unit design by experienced engineers and technicians with the aid of modern CAD software/hardware
  • 3D simulation and calculation (CFD program)
  • Development/programming of unit software
  • Extensive tests in our in-house testing lab up to series production and CE certification
  • In-house prototype construction


Work steps in the turning shop
  • Programming/equipping of metalworking machinery
  • Manufacture of rotary parts made of plastic, steel, aluminium, brass
  • Manufacture of gears for series production
  • Mechanical cleaning of sheet metal parts as preparation for further work steps, e.g. bonding
Work steps in sheet metal shaping
  • Stamping and straightening of sheet metal parts
  • Pressing in insertion tools such as nuts, bolts, sockets, etc.
  • Edges
  • Embossing
  • Regrinding of punching tools


  • SMD assembly
  • vapor-phase soldering
  • Assembly of displays
  • Soldering on cables
  • Import of software
Quality control
  • Each board undergoes a visual inspection and a final function check on the test board


  • Assembly of different cables
  • Stripping and crimping of different connectors
  • Configuration of complete wire harnesses for final assembly
  • Tinning quality control
  • Testing the manufactured crimp and plug connection


  • Gobo manufacturing for series production
  • Lasering of dichroitically coated colour discs
  • Laser marking of sheet metal parts
Quality control
  • Visual inspection
  • Examination of dichroic filters for colour deviations


  • Commissioning of all necessary parts for assembly
  • Manual assembly of lights by riveting, screwing, gluing, and soldering
  • Packaging in cases or cartons
Quality control
  • Multi-hour functional test of each completed unit
  • Colour balance according to reference product
  • Measurement of the insulation resistance
  • Measurement of the earth resistance


If you would like to find out in brief all about JB-Lighting, our philosophy, standards and values, we recommend downloading our current company brochure.

JB-Lighting Lightshow 2020/2021

JB-Lighting Lightshow 2020/2021! — start the movie!


Since 1990, JB-Lighting has been developing, designing, and producing intelligent spotlights and lighting technology solutions at Blaustein in southern Germany. Everything began with company founder Jürgen Braungardt’s fascination with mirror scanners. The technology, which was brand new at the time, combined complex mechanics and analog (later digital) control and inspired Jürgen Braungardt to develop his own spotlights.
Then as now, the focus was always on developing reliable and user-friendly products. So it's not surprising that many spotlights which left our factory many years ago to be used in discos, clubs, bars or on live stages are still in use today. JB-Lighting opened a new chapter in lighting technology in 2005 and presented the VaryLED 3*84, the first stage-ready LED-based washlight, combining all the benefits of LED technology, such as flat design, low power consumption and long life. This made JB-Lighting a pioneer and trendsetter in a market segment that is now the focus of virtually all well-known manufacturers.
LED technology is still a big challenge and our development department is constantly working on other exciting products. But it's not about using LEDs because they’re 'hip' or promise good sales. On the contrary, the benefits of LEDs should really come into play. JB-Lighting is also well prepared for the future. Jürgen Braungardt and his team of committed and extremely competent employees consistently pursue the goal of further establishing JB-Lighting as a premium manufacturer, developing innovative products and modern tools, without any compromise in terms of service and customer proximity.


Der P12 Profile mit 640 Watt LED-Leistung ist dank seines +/- 55° drehbaren Blendenschiebermoduls und seiner Effekt-Vollausstattung der perfekte Allrounder. Jede Blende schließt komplett und kann einzeln in Position und Winkel eingestellt werden. Dadurch lassen sich schnell und präzise unzählige geometrische Formen zur gezielten Abschattung bzw. Beleuchtung von Objekten bzw. Szenarien erzeugen.


Since the founding of JB-Lighting, we have been a pioneer and driver of innovation in LED-based moving light systems at the same time, developing technical markers and milestones as a premium supplier.
Foundation of JB-Lighting by
Jürgen Braungardt
Until 1999 – 1999 – manufacture of scanners and colour changers under the brand names Varyscan and Varycolor, already with JB typical plug-in technology.
Foundation of JB-Lighting by
Jürgen Braungardt
Until 1999 – 1999 – manufacture of scanners and colour changers under the brand names Varyscan and Varycolor, already with JB typical plug-in technology.
Development and production of the first generation of moving lights and the "Licon" light mixer series from JB-Lighting.
VaryLED 3*84
The world's first stage-ready LED-based washlight goes into production
VaryLED 3*84
The world's first stage-ready LED-based washlight goes into production
JBLED A7 Washlight
World's first LED-based washlight with optical zoom system.
Winner of „Plasa Award for Innovation“ and recognised by the jury as "the founder of a new era".
Relocation to the new production hall, which tripled the production area.
Relocation to the new production hall, which tripled the production area.
A12 – the BeamWash!
Winner of the „Showtech Product Award 2011“ in the "Lighting & Projection Technology" category
Varyscan P7 – LED CMY SPOT
World's first LED-based moving light with CMY colour mixing.
Winner of the "pipa Awards 2017"
Varyscan P7 – LED CMY SPOT
World's first LED-based moving light with CMY colour mixing.
Winner of the "pipa Awards 2017"


A team of absolute specialists

Anyone who has ever looked at the interior of a JB moving light or visited our companies knows exactly what we mean by quality. Here everything is where it belongs, always while striving for the best. Clear, user-friendly, and well-arranged down to the tiniest detail. In addition, we attach great importance to cleanliness, precision, and order – characteristics that describe our way of working and are 100% reflected in our igh-performance spotlights widerspiegeln. . Good is simply not good enough for us – we want to be perfect – or, in other words:
At JB-Lighting, quality – rather than quantity – comes into being and works!
At JB-Lighting, this claim is borne by the entire team and confidently realised – from development to production, service to sales. Well-trained and committed employees who are aware of their responsibility and who make the difference with their enthusiasm for intelligent moving light systems. Absolute specialists who, with their experience, know-how and dedication, ensure that we live up to our quality promise – they are the guarantee for our success and for the development of new, innovative products „Made in Germany“.


If you’re interested in our products, have further questions or need our support – our team looks forward to your call and will be happy to advise you.

Knew it all along?

P7 in use at the Celebrations in the non-denominational free church

P7 in use at the Celebrations in the non-denominational free church

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