Fascinating through and through

The P12 Spot is a high quality atmospheric tool. With an animation module and a complete set of effects, it transforms any event into a real spectacle. With its 640 Watt LED power, it is not only incredibly bright, but also extremely light and compact at only 23 kg.

The extremely quiet P12 Spot is at home in the brightness class of comparable moving lights with 1,200 Watts and masters every task with flying colours - and that with a power consumption of just 800 Watts.

Technical data

  • 640 W white light LED module
    HP (High Power): 6800 K; 46,000 lm (25,000 lm Output); CRI > 70
    HC (High CRI): 5800 K; 34,000 lm (19,000 lm Output); CRI > 90
  • > 20,000 h life time
  • Flicker-free operation, camera mode 100 Hz – 3 kHz
  • Zoom range: 5.7° – 60° (1:10.5)
  • 2 gobo wheels, each with 6 rotate-, position- and interchangeable gobos + open
  • CMY color mixing unit for fast and homogeneous color mixing + linear CTO
  • 1 color wheel with 7 full and semi colors + open also linear color selection
  • High CRI-Filter
  • 2 frost filters (soft edge/flood frost), continuously variable – optional further frost stages possible
  • 2 prisms, linear and circular, rotate- and indexable
  • Motorised infinitely adjustable high-speed iris
  • Electronic dimmer 0 % – 100 %
  • Electronic shutter with preprogrammed puls- and ramp functions
  • Animation effect / Sparkle effect
  • Focus system with auto focus function
  • Animation module with endlessly rotating animation wheel
  • 3 phase extra strong stepping motors
  • Precise, very fast and silent movement
  • 540° pan / 280° tilt
  • Protocol: USITT DMX-512, RDM
  • Ethernet / Artnet - sACN
  • Wireless DMX / RDM Lumen Radio CRMX TiMo
  • Bluetooth, Wifi
  • LCD-display with function keys and batterie backup
  • Mini USB for software update
  • Stand-alone mode
  • Master/slave function
  • Built-in DMX analyser
  • Original JB-Lighting slide-in module technology
  • Rugged construction
  • Transport lock for pan/tilt
  • Forced air cooling (temperature regulated, low noise)
  • Graphical display, electronically revolvable
  • 2 Neutrik etherCON Connectors
  • Neutrik 5pin IN/OUT
  • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 IN/OUT
  • 2 Omega brackets for quick and convenient installation
  • Max. power consumption 800 VA
  • Input voltage range 100 V – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: W 421 x H 682 x D 264 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Schuko on powerCON TRUE1,
    flexible rubber cable (2 m long, 3 x 1.5 mm²)
  • 2 Omega brackets

Animation Module

The P12 Spot is also equipped with a fully-fledged, endlessly rotating animation wheel. This will give fans of realistic fire and water effects their money‘s worth. With the P12 Spot, the versatile all-rounder from JB, lighting, design becomes an endless pleasure.


The effect unit of the P12 is equipped with 7 brilliant full colors and a CTO filter. The color wheel can also be seamlessly rotated at different speeds. This enables intermediate colors to be realised and cool color effects (e.g. rainbow) to be achieved.


The CMY color mixing unit of the P12 expands the color spectrum to an almost unlimited number of colors and enables absolutely harmonious color progressions or transitions.


The P12 is available in standard form with 6800 K; 46,000 lm and CRI >70. It is optionally available in 5800 K with 34,000 lm and CRI >90.
12 Spot HP (High Power): CRI >70
P12 Spot HC (High CRI): CRI >90


Gobos can be combined with two (indexable) prisms, 3-section circular or 5-section linear. In rotation these provide impressive images and dramatic 3D elements.
3-section prism (circular)
5-section prism (linear)


Alongside its excellent lighting power, the P12 Spot also has a zoom range of 5,7 – 60° (1:10,5) and two frost filters. This makes it ideally suited to washlight applications too.
Minimum zoom
Maximum zoom


Two seamlessly adjustable frost filters make the P12 a universal all-rounder for a great variety of different stage applications.
Without frost effect
Soft edge
Flood frost


Cleaning and gobo changing are child's play with the P12. All plug-ins can be removed without tools or manual cable disconnection.
Removing gobo / color plug-in
Removing shutter-blade module


The motorised high-speed iris is equipped with 18 fins and can be seamlessly adjusted. This enables an almost circular beam to be created even with a very tight iris.
Wide iris
Tight iris


Circus Theater Roncalli
Finnish National Opera and Ballet Helsinki
Congressforum Frankenthal
Kultur123 Stadt Rüsselsheim
Kulturkirche Neuruppin
EEC Sound and Light
X-Light and Sound
Circus Theater Roncalli
Finnish National Opera and Ballet Helsinki
Congressforum Frankenthal
Kultur123 Stadt Rüsselsheim
Kulturkirche Neuruppin
EEC Sound and Light
X-Light and Sound
Our P12 Spot is already providing one highlight after another here.


With our app, you have all the key parameters for JB-Lighting products on hand at all times, plus instant access to manuals, DMX charts and more.


With two gobo wheels, each with 6 interchangeable gobos and rotatable, positionable and interchangeable gobos, the P12 is ideally equipped for projection and morphing applications. Here you can provide the timing – whether rotations in high-speed, absolute time loops or perfectly in time with the music.



Gobo size Gobowheel 1

Gobo size Gobowheel 2

That works!

Real bespoke work – the perfect accessory for the P12 Spot
„Made in Germany“


AMPTOWN with SiP insert
  • Dimensions: L 60 x B 60 x H 90 cm
  • Weight (incl. devices): ca. 48 (94) kg


AMPTOWN with SiP insert
  • Dimensions: L 120 x B 60 x H 90 cm
  • Weight (incl. devices): ca. 76 (168) kg

Knew it all along?

SAGA – World Tour 2020
8 P12 Spot HP were deployed at the SAGA – World Tour 2020 in Neuruppin.
„Theatre is a place of enchantment“
From now on, 24 P12 Profile HP conjure up beautiful light in the Theatre Münster.
Sustainability award 2020
There were P12, P18 and Sparx 18 in action. Congratulations to the winners


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