The quick-change artist

with the full range of effects and innovative modular technology.
To the P12 Spot

The entertainer

among the moving lights with CMY colour mixing unit, full effects equipment and
a zoom range of 8–48°.
To the Varyscan P7

The Beamspot

with a 280 W discharge lamp, comprehensive effects unit and
a zoom range of 2.3–21.6°.
To the Varyscan P4

The stage professional

with a 1.000 W LED module, is the ultimate theatre profile with cover module and
a zoom range of 7 – 56°.
To the P18 Profile

The all-rounder

with a 640 W LED module, is the ultimate theatre profile with cover module and a zoom range of 5,7 – 60°.
To the P12 Profile

The showmaster

with 1,000W LED module, zoom from 13 - 65°, Fresnel lens and shutter-blade module skilfully guides through the programme
To the P18 Wash

The superstar

with 37x 40W LED-Power, 3°-70° TwinZoom with segmental control and "Super silent" technology.
to the Sparx 30

The all-round talent

with 37x 40W LED-Power and innovative optical system (CRI >80) as well as a new TwinZoom of 3°-70°.
To the Sparx 18

The dramatic

with a round light aperture and countless pattern effects, it’s the perfect washlight for effect lighting and illumination.
To the Sparx 10

The colourful one

thanks to its light, compact shape and round light aperture, it is best suited for mobile show stages.
To the Sparx 7

The versatile one

is a fascinating washlight with extremely high light output, clearly defined beam and a zoom of 4–48°.
To the A12

The atmospheric one

with highly efficient optics for rich and pastel colours, plus white light with a striking intensity.
To the A8

The all-rounder at it's best

The brilliant and versatile Sparx 18, with 37x 40W LED power, enables impressive washlight applications in completely innovative dimensions thanks to the innovative TwinZoom. The basic color temperature of the Sparx 18 is freely selectable and it runs extremely quietly thanks to special heatpipe cooling.

The optical system guarantees perfectly homogeneous illumination and enables fascinating color gradients with uniquely diverse beam effects and shapes from Soft Edge to Hard Edge for lighting design at its absolute best.

Technical data

  • 37 RGBW high-performance LEDs of 40 W each
    Standard: RGBW-LED; 23,000 lm; CRI > 85
    Optional: RGBY-LED; 19,000 lm; CRI > 90
  • > 20,000 h LED life time
  • camera mode up to 600 Hz
  • TwinZoom zoom range: 3° to 70° (1:23)
  • Highly efficient optics for perfect color mixing
  • Individual LED control - Single pixel control
  • Sparkle channel for dynamic effects
  • Multiple layers with independent patterns can be stacked on top of each other
  • Countless color and pattern combinations
  • Glow channel and color spread channel as additional color effects
  • Separate CTC channel
  • Optimised color mixing behaviour
  • High-resolution, steplessly variable dimmer 0–100%
  • Color-accurate dimming
  • Electronic strobe with pulse and random effects
  • TwinZoom effects: Multicolor beams and innovative beam shapes
  • Basic color temperature can be selected: 2700 K, 3200 K, 4200 K, 5600 K, 6000 K, 6500 K, 7000 K oder 8000 K
  • High-resolution 3 phase stepping motors
  • Precise, extreme fast and silent movement
  • 540° Pan / 330° Tilt
  • Protocol: USITT DMX-512, RDM
  • Ethernet / Artnet - sACN - Kling-Net
  • Wireless DMX / RDM / CRMX TiMo - Lumen Radio
  • Bluetooth, WLAN
  • Color touch display with function keys and battery backup
  • Mini USB for software update
  • Stand-alone mode
  • Master/slave function, Built-in DMX analyser
  • Robust, roadworthy design
  • Individually changeable LEDs
  • Patented cooling system - super silent
  • Fan control for virtually noiseless operation
  • Graphical display, electronically rotatable
  • Neutrik 5pin XLR IN / OUT
  • Neutrik etherCON RJ45 IN/OUT
  • Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 IN / OUT
  • 2 omega brackets with original Camloc connectors for quick and comfortable mounting in any direction with four different mounting possibilities
  • Max. power consumption approx. 1300 VA
  • Input voltage range 100 – 240 V, 50/60 HZ
  • Dimensions: W 481 x H 580 x D 308 mm
  • Weight: 21 kg

Applications of the Sparx 18 LED Washbeam

Trade fairs






Trade fairs







Exclusively from JB-Lighting - the patented TwinZoom. With the TwinZoom, the outer LED ring and the inner area can be zoomed separately from each other - completely infinitely variable from 3°–70° (1:23). Together with the LED single pixel control, absolutely innovative, aesthetically pleasing and effective light scenes can be created, of which one did not dare to dream.


The basic color temperature, from which all colors are automatically mixed, is freely selectable on the Sparx 18, making it an excellent addition to any lighting ensemble.
2700 K
3200 K
4200 K
5600 K
6000 K
6500 K
7000 K
8000 K


The Sparx 18 comes with RGBW LEDs (23,000 lm, CRI>85) as standard. Optionally, the Sparx 18 is also available as HCRI- version with RGBY LEDs (19,000 lm; CRI>90).
Standard RGBW-LED, CRI >85
Optional RGBY-LED, CRI >90


The Sparx 18 makes it possible to produce the highest quality multicolor beams and color gradients. Impressive beam shapes can also be achieved which are unique in this form.
Multicolor beams
Beam shapes

STEPLESS ZOOM: 3° – 70° (1:23)

The luminosity and zoom range of 3°–70° of the Sparx 18 are impressive. Virtually noiseless, absolutely precise and fast, the Sparx 18 changes from extremely narrow to wide beam distribution. When TwinZoom is used, you can be sure of its wow factor.
Narrow beam (min. 3°)
Wide distribution (max. 70°)


Thanks to the scattered light-optimised beam of the Sparx 18 and the TwinZoom, precise, extremely homogeneous light projections from Hard Edge to Soft Edge can be produced. To further reduce the minimum stray light of the Sparx18, a honeycomb shade can be used as an optional extra.
Hard Edge
Soft Edge


The continuously rotatable and positionable beam shape creates asymmetrical, oval beams. This beam form is suitable e.g. in the theatre excellent as an aisle light or at trade fairs for the illumination of rectangular objects. Of course, the TwinZoom can also be used in this case to individually adjust the beam width and characteristics. In combination with the endless rotation of the Beamshape module, extremely dynamic, circular animation effects can also be achieved.


With our app, you have all the key parameters for JB-Lighting products on hand at all times, plus instant access to manuals, DMX charts and more.

With our app, you have all the key parameters for JB-Lighting products on hand at all times, plus instant access to manuals, DMX charts and more.


Teaser Video english
Teaser Video german

That works!

Real bespoke work – the perfect accessory for the Washbeam Sparx 18
„Made in Germany“


AMPTOWN with SiP insert
  • Dimensions: L 60 x W 60 x H 80 cm
  • Weight (incl. devices): ca. 43 (64) kg


AMPTOWN with SiP insert
  • Dimensions: L 120 x W 60 x H 80 cm
  • Weight (incl. devices): ca. 62 (104) kg



Knew it all along?

Grönemeyer Arena Tour

10 Sparx 18s have caused something of a TUMULT in Stuttgart. Cue Design GmbH is deploying the washbeams effectively for the Arena tour.

SWR Stuttgart once again decides upon moving heads from JB-Lighting

With its investment in twelve P12 High CRIs, SWR Stuttgart opts for our quality products again.


Michael Nothelfer supported our long-standing dealership in Finland with Audico Systems Oy at Audio Visual Expo in Helsinki


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