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A valuable asset on any stage

With 330W LED power, the P10 is the perfect size for any stage. It's extremely handy, bright and works extremely quietly and precisely. It doesn't matter whether features like the framing module or its effects are used and in which zoom range from 4°– 60° its presence is required.

Thanks to its weight of only 18 kg and its compactness, it can be easily handled and installed in the rig by one person. Naturally, the P10 also feels right at home in a permanent installation in the theatre or on TV.

Technical data

Optics and light source
  • 330 W white light LED module
    HP (High Power): 6800 K; 25,000 lm (15,000 lm Output); CRI ≥70
    HC (High CRI): 5800 K; 16.000 lm (10.000 lm Output); CRI ≥90
    WW (Warm White): 3200 K; 12.000 lm (8.000 lm Output); CRI ≥92
  • Zoom range: 4° – 60° (1:15)
  • Large light-emitting lens Ø 135 mm
  • > 20,000 h life time
  • Flicker-free operation, camera mode: 100, 120, 600 Hz and 3 kHz
  • 2 gobo wheels each with 7 rotatable, interchangeable and positionable gobos including multicolor gobo + open
  • 1 color wheel with 5 full or half colors + 2 correction filters: High CRI filter (CRI ≥90) + CTB 2 + open
  • P10 HP and P10 HC: variable CTO (linear) + 100% CTO
  • P10 WW: variable CTB (linear) + 100% CTB
  • CMY color mixing unit for rapid, even color mixing
  • CTB filter for automatic color correction with gobo application
  • Framing module with 4 blades – each with separate motion and rotation control, the module can be rotated by 130° (+/- 65°), each blade independently by +/- 30°
  • 2 frost filters (soft edge/flood frost), continuously variable – optional further frost stages possible
  • 3-facet prism circular, rotatable and indexable
  • Motorised, infinitely adjustable high-speed iris
  • Electronic dimmer 0%–100%
  • Electronic shutter with pre-programmed pulse and ramp functions
  • Sparkle effect
  • Focus system with auto-focus function
  • High-resolution, powerful 3-phase stepper motors
  • Precise, very fast and silent movements
  • 540° Pan / 280° Tilt
Control and programming
  • USITT DMX-512, RDM
  • Ethernet interface with Art-Net and sACN
  • Wireless DMX / RDM Lumen Radio CRMX TiMo
  • LCD display with function keys and battery buffer, electronically rotatable
  • Mini USB-for software update
  • Stand-alone mode, Master/Slave function
  • Error analysis and DMX analysis
  • Original JB-Lighting slide-in module technology
  • Robust, roadworthy design with 4 carrying handles
  • Pan/Tilt transport lock
  • Fan control for almost noiseless operation, 29 dB(A)
  • Neutrik 5pol XLR IN/OUT
  • Neutrik etherCON IN/OUT
  • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 IN/OUT
  • Prepared for mechanical path limitation
  • 2 Omega brackets with Original Camloc® fasteners for quick and convenient installation, with four different fastening options
Electrical specification
  • Maximum power consumption 490 VA
  • Input voltage range 100 V–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Mechanical specification
  • Dimensions: W 398 x H 609 x D 264 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
Scope of delivery
  • Schuko on powerCON TRUE1, flexible rubber cable (2 m long, 3 x 1.5 mm²)
  • 2 Omega brackets


P10 Profile
HP – High Power
6800 K
25,000 lm (15,000 lm Output)
≥70 (with CRI filter ≥90)
linear CTO
6800 K to 3200 K
Maximum luminous intensity
for optimal illumination
even from a great distance
P10 Profile
HC – High CRI
5800 K
16,000 lm (10,000 lm Output)
linear CTO
5800 K to 2700 K
Maximum light quality
for optimal color reproduction
with the best luminosity
P10 Profile
WW – Warm White
3200 K
12,000 lm (8,000 lm Output)
linear CTB
3200 K to 5000 K
Maximum comparability
with conventional
halogen lamps


The P10 Profile is a very compact and quiet moving light equipped with a framing module. The framing module itself can be continuously turned by 130° (+/- 65°). In addition, each of the four blades can individually be angled to the degree (+/- 30°) and inserted precisely. This allows a variety of geometric shapes to be created very quickly for targeted shading, regardless of the shading angle. Of course, the aperture slider can also be combined with a frost filter if required.
Blades can be pushed in the same distance
Module +/- 65° rotatable
Each blade approx. +/- 30° rotatable
Accurately positionable


The effect unit of the P10 Profile has 5 brilliant full colors, a High CRI filter, a CTB2 filter and CMY color mixing in all three versions (HP, HC and WW). The HP and HC versions are also equipped with CTO filters and a variable, linear CTO, which is correspondingly loaded as CTB correction in the WW version. The CMY color mixing of the P10 expands the color spectrum to an almost unlimited number of colors and enables absolutely harmonious color progressions.
CMY color mixing
For the HP and HC version
With the P10 Profile WW


The P10 Profile produces impressively sharp and homogeneous beams throughout its entire zoom range of 4°–60°, which do not lose their intensity, even during frost applications.
Minimum zoom
Maximum zoom


Gobos and framing module can be combined with a 3-facet prism and also rotated at different speeds.
3-facet prism (circular)
Prisma + Gobo in rotation


With the help of the continuously adjustable frost filters (1°, 5°), the beam edges can be drawn into the desired blur, e.g. for wash or gobo applications.
Soft edge with 100%
Flood frost with 70%

JB slide-in technology

All plug-ins in our devices can be removed quickly and easily for servicing and cleaning without tools or manual cable disconnection.


The maximum range of motion of the P10 Profile of 540° Pan / 280° Tilt can be limited mechanically as with the P10 Wash, if required.
For this purpose, new start and end points for the pan and/or tilt movements are defined with the help of the path limiter (accessory) – corresponding devices are available at the factory.
After installing the mechanical travel limiter and subsequent “limit” reset, the new, limited range of motion is also logged by the software and automatically taken into account in future resets.
The head movement (tilt: 280°) is limited by stops that are screwed into the required position in the bolt circle.
To curtail the rotary movement (pan: 540°), two travel limiters can be installed in the base of the lamp.


SHOWEM Veranstaltungstechnik
Theater Heidelberg
Residenz Theater München
Oper Göteborg Sweden
Neumann und Müller Veranstaltungstechnik
Fournell Showtechnik
Peitsman Rotterdam
Kaiser Showtechnik
SHOWEM Veranstaltungstechnik
Theater Heidelberg
Residenz Theater München
Oper Göteborg Sweden
Neumann und Müller Veranstaltungstechnik
Fournell Showtechnik
Peitsman Rotterdam
Kaiser Showtechnik
Our P10 Profile is already providing one highlight after another here.


The P10 Profile is equipped with two gobo wheels that can be easily removed if required (e.g. for cleaning or gobo replacement). The two gobo wheels are each equipped with 7 rotatable, positionable and interchangeable projection gobos, including a multi-color gobo and a „Art Glass” on gobo wheel 1.





That works!

Real bespoke work – the perfect accessory for the P10 Profile „Made in Germany“


  • Pro case made from 7 mm birch plywood with SiP insert, stacking troughs and a scan window
  • Original amptown cases Blue Wheels
  • Dimensions: W 60 x D 60 x H 82 cm
  • Weight (incl. devices): approx. 40 (76) kg


  • Pro case made from 10 mm birch plywood with SiP insert, stacking troughs and a scan window
  • Original amptown cases Blue Wheels
  • Dimensions: W 117 x D 60 x H 82 cm
  • Weight (incl. devices): approx. 70 (142) kg


Would you like to invest in P10 Profile and find out what costs are involved? Then send us your request online – we will take care of it immediately.


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