The quick-change artist

with the full range of effects and innovative modular technology.
To the P12 Spot

The entertainer

among the moving lights with CMY colour mixing unit, full effects equipment and
a zoom range of 8–48°.
To the Varyscan P7

The stage professional

with its 1,100W LED module, zoom from 6.5 – 54°, and a 130° rotatable framing module.
To the P18 Profile

The all-rounder

with a 640 W LED module, is the ultimate theatre profile with cover module and a zoom range of 5,7 – 60°.
To the P12 Profile

The showmaster

with a 1,100W LED module, zoom from 13 – 65°, Fresnel lens, a color wheel with 6 gobos and framing module.
To the P18 Wash

The powerhouse

with 640W LED power, full effect equipment including gobos, aperture slider module and a zoom from 11° - 66°.
To the P12 Wash

The superstar

with 61x 40W LED-Power, 3°-70° TwinZoom with segmental control and "Super silent" technology.
to the Sparx 30

The all-round talent

with 37x 40W LED-Power and innovative optical system (CRI >80) as well as a new TwinZoom of 3°-70°.
To the Sparx 18

The dramatic

with a round light aperture and countless pattern effects, it’s the perfect washlight for effect lighting and illumination.
To the Sparx 10

The colourful one

thanks to its light, compact shape and round light aperture, it is best suited for mobile show stages.
To the Sparx 7

The versatile one

is a fascinating washlight with extremely high light output, clearly defined beam and a zoom of 4–48°.
To the A12

The atmospheric one

with highly efficient optics for rich and pastel colours, plus white light with a striking intensity.
To the A8

SERVICE is a top priority at JB-Lighting


Best possible technical support, from A-Z

JB-Lighting manufactures high-tech quality products for professional users. The great advantages of our moving lights – besides their performance and functionality – are their long service life, low operating costs and minimal need for maintenance.

We’re one of the first manufacturers to equip our spotlights exclusively with modular plug-in technology, for example. These plug-in units are designed in such a way that they can easily be removed without manually disconnecting cables, cleaned and serviced, and popped back into position – it hardly gets faster or more expeditious. But strenuous daily life on tour and years of use can still lead to defects or damage from transportation – that’s when our technical support specialists are in demand.

Service quality “Made in Germany”

We strive towards optimum value – not only with the performance of our products but also when it comes to service – and that’s exactly what makes the difference at JB-Lighting. Our technical support ensures that your JB products still work even after years of hard use in shows and on stage, without sacrificing performance.
Consistently high service quality is our trademark, and is just one of the reasons that JB-Lighting enjoys such a large, constantly growing community of fans – and we’re extremely proud of it.

Absolute experts are at work here

From order intake to the final quality check, all work steps are carried out exclusively by highly qualified, experienced employees.
Based on the error description on your Service-Form, a detailed error analysis takes place on the test board and serves as the foundation for preparing an offer. All parts that could impair function are cleaned for this purpose. If the repaired device successfully passes all function testing, it will be prepared for pick-up or shipping.

Short turnaround times

We know that you can only work profitably with our products if they’re ready to be used again as quickly as possible after finding a defect. As a manufacturer that relies on hardly any suppliers, we have an extensive spare parts warehouse which we can access at any time.
This enables incredibly short turnaround times in service and allows us to provide fast, cost-effective support with original spare parts. Thus long delivery times and high downtime costs can be avoided.

Feel free to contact our JB service

Benjamin Šimeg

Service manager
+49 (0)7304 9617-75

Roland Grundner

Technical support
+49 (0)7304 9617-74


Merchandise delivery and pick-up is available through our service department on weekdays, from 9am – 4.30pm (or 2.30pm on Fridays) at gate 1.
In exceptional cases of urgency, earlier delivery times and later pick-up times can also be arranged in advance with our tech support.


To guarantee faster processing of your repair enquiries, please use our service form and attach it (filled-in and printed) to each product when shipping.

Private and professional consultation

Especially in our hectic digital world, nothing can replace personal contact, collaborative consultation among equals and mutual exchange of experience. This is the only way to productively find, further develop or provide the best possible solutions.
Because along with pure facts about the units, many other factors must be taken into consideration when making a purchase in the events industry. Operating costs, light efficiency, functionality and handling, service life and maintenance needs, reliability, and manufacturing quality primarily all play increasingly decisive roles.
Because it’s vital to find the perfect solution with an impressive price/performance ratio, one that will pay off for you in the short, medium and long term. Our distribution team is happy to advise you personally for this purpose – by phone, through an appointment with you at your site or during a visit to JB-Lighting in Blaustein, with a live demonstration of our high-tech moving lights in our own showroom.

Our distribution team is happy to advise you!

Jörg Zimmermann

Sales manager
+49 (0)7304 9617-70

Michael Nothelfer

Technical sales
+49 (0)7304 9617-22

Jörg Reimund Sieper

+49 (0)172 529 5227

Lisa Ott

Internal sales
+49 (0)7304 9617-25


In our download centre, you’ll find all the information, files and parameters you’ll need for operating and handling your JB products – from libraries for specific products and consoles, through DMX reports and photometric data, up to 3D and CAD drawings, manuals, and brochures.







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– no longer in production –


If you didn’t find what you were looking for, need other documents or have questions about this, just get in touch with us – we’re glad to be of help.

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P7 in use at the Celebrations in the non-denominational free church

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